How to Use Your Ezine Thank You Page to Create a One Time Offer

Many times, when you sign up for a free giveaway or purchase an item, you are taken to an OTO (One Time Offer) page, where you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase a “never to be seen again, one time offer”, which is a product that has been discounted for one time only during this one particular transaction. In this transaction moneycraft oto scenario, you have two choices: either buy the product now at the special discounted price, or continue on without buying the product and lose access to the special pricing opportunity. However, you can usually buy the product later, but at a higher price.

Normally, these types of offers drive me crazy because there are usually 3-4 “one time offers” bundled together. When you decline one, another one pops up. Sometimes it feels as though the one time offers will never end! However, after watching several videos recently as veteran Internet marketers touted the benefits of the OTO, I wondered if I might be able to use these in my business without being slimy.

Determine the offer. One “one time offer” is quite sufficient for my needs at this point, so I looked through my inventory of products and made a decision on what to offer as a one time unique deal. Name the price. Your OTO needs to offer enough of a price reduction to make it truly attractive to your prospect. In many cases, that means a savings of 40-60% off of the regular pricing.

Outline the order of the offer. In many cases, the OTO is attached to another purchase. You’ll need to determine if your shopping cart can be configured to handle such an offer. In my case, the most natural place for this one time offer is on my ezine subscription thank you page. I have 2 thank you pages created when someone subscribes to my ezine. The first gives instructions on how to opt into the list. The second, called a “confirmation success page,” gives the visitor access to my free giveaway, or client attraction device, once the visitor has confirmed her email address and opted into my list. For simplicity, I decided to keep my confirmation success page intact, and tie the OTO to my opt-in thank you page.

Craft your copy. On your ezine thank you page, give your subscriber instructions on how to get on your list, and below, create your OTO that fully describes what you have available, why it’s a great deal, and the special price that you’re offering. I also use some OTO graphics that I purchased inexpensively to help me get the message across. Be sure that you give your prospect the option of opting out of this offer.

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